îmi cântă/mă încântă

La mulți ani, Stevie Wonder! 

Lots of people have told me I am beautiful. But the one who touched me the most was Stevie Wonder. He can’t even see, but he said there was some inner beauty in me that he felt.
—erykah badu, singer

I saw critics be so critical of Stevie Wonder when he made ‘Journey Through The Secret World Of Plants.’ Stevie has done so many great songs & for people to say “You missed, don’t do that, go back” — well, I would never say “Stevie Wonder, you missed.” *Prince puts the Wonder album on the turntable, plays a cut, then puts on Miles Davis’ new album* Or Miles. Critics are going to say “Ah, Miles done went off.” Why say that? Why even tell Miles he went off? You know, if you don’t like it, don’t talk about it. Go buy another record!― Prince to Rolling Stone, ‘85



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